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First User Registration

When you first install your Forem, you will be invited to become its First User. Until you create your First User account, the sign-up page will be accessible to anyone visiting your Foremā€™s URL. It is important to complete this registration immediately upon spinning up your Forem because the first user will be given Super Admin privileges which will allow you to configure your Forem. Click here for more information about different user roles.

First User sign-up form

You will need to complete the sign up process before your Forem is fully usable.

Your profile image is the only field on the initial form that can be skipped during registration, but you can make changes to every field via your User Settings at a later point. Your username will carry through to the next form, where you can optionally add some Basic details that will feature in your user profile. From here on out, you will experience the same sign up process as your community members.

Basic info form

Suggested tags form

Before being able to access your Forem, you will need to accept your Community Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. The text for these is the Forem default, and you can modify them from your Pages Admin later on.

Accept Community Code of Conduct and Terms of Use

Congratulations! You are a new Forem Super Admin. Welcome to your Forem!

Welcome to your new Forem homepage!

Continue to your Getting Started Checklist guide for instructions on how to start customizing your Forem and getting it ready for your community.