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About Credits#

Credits enable users to purchase classified listings from your site. Listings can be considered a marketplace for the community: users can offer their services, share events, list items for sale, etc.

Credit Prices#

We recommend tiered bulk pricing for credits (i.e. the more credits someone buys, the cheaper each credit becomes).

You can include up to four tiers of credit pricing:

  • Small: less than 10 credits
  • Medium: 10-99 credits
  • Large: 100-999 credits
  • Extra Large: 1000 credits or more

To define the price of a single credit, please include the USD cent value of one credit at each tier. Here's an example of our tiers:

  • Small: 500 cents per credit
  • Medium: 400 cents per credit
  • Large: 300 cents per credit
  • Extra Large: 250 cents per credit

In order to sell credits, you will need to have Stripe API configured under your Forem's Monetization settings. Users can purchase credits from /credits/purchase - if Stripe is not configured correctly they will see an error message.

Error message visible on credits purchase page due to incorrect or incomplete Stripe settings