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Account Settings

Set new password#

If your Forem is configured for OAuth and users created their accounts using social account authentication, they have the option to additionally enable email log in.

Note: email log in is in addition to social log in rather than a replacement for it, so all user accounts created via social authorization will continue to require a social account to be connected to them.

Account emails#

Users can have multiple email addresses, for instance, the email address(es) for any connected social log in(s).

API Keys#

The API is still in its beta stage, and users can experiment with person API keys. The API documentation contains further information.

Export content#

Currently we only support the export of posts and comments. Users can request them by email.

Danger Zone#

Users can choose to delete their own accounts. Self-deletion will:

  • Delete their profile, along with any authentication associations. This does not include applications permissions, which need to be deleted from the apps themselves.
  • Delete any and all content saved to the account, such as articles, comments, reading lists, or chat messages.
  • Allow their username to become available to anyone.