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Pages are a way to store static content on your Forem that won't appear in Feeds. They allow for custom formating compared to Posts and can be assigned top level paths.


The /admin/customization/pages page allows you to:

  • Create a new page
  • View existing pages

Creating a Page#

Visiting /admin/customization/pages/new allows you to create a new page.

  • Title = The name of the page, appears in the browser window or tab.
  • Slug = The unique page path that this page will be accessed with, e.g. https://yourforem.tld/slug. The slug for is code-of-conduct
  • Description = A description of what the page contains, used mostly by search engines
  • Template =
  • Body Markdown / Body HTML
    • You'll usually use one or the other
    • You should have a very specific reason for using HTML and not Markdown
  • Social Image = This is the social image for the page
  • Is Top Level Path?
    • If checked, your page lives at /slug
    • If not checked, your page lives at /page/slug
  • Use as 'Locked Screen'
  • This determines if the page will be used as a landing page for anonymous viewers (landing pages replace the traditional registration screen). This feature only works for private Forems. If your Forem is public, the landing page will not display.
  • Only one page can be used as a locked screen at a time.
  • Locked screens can be overwritten. To use another locked screen when there is already a locked screen in use, click the "Overwrite current locked screen" button in the modal that appears when "Use as 'Locked Screen'" is clicked.

What can you do with pages?#