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We're in the middle of some fast-moving changes to the Forem Admin experience, so we've paused documentation updates for the time being. You may find that the docs are now outdated in parts. If you have any questions, please visit to request additional support. We thank you for your patience and hope you're liking the changes!

Pages are a way to store static content on your Forem that won't appear in Feeds. They allow for custom formating compared to Posts and can be assigned top level paths.


The /admin/customization/pages page allows you to:

  • Create a new page
  • View existing pages

Creating a Page#

Visiting /admin/customization/pages/new allows you to create a new page.

  • Title = The name of the page, appears in the browser window or tab.
  • Slug = The unique page path that this page will be accessed with, e.g. https://yourforem.tld/slug. The slug for is code-of-conduct
  • Description = A description of what the page contains, used mostly by search engines
  • Template =
  • Body Markdown / Body HTML
    • You'll usually use one or the other
    • You should have a very specific reason for using HTML and not Markdown
  • Social Image = This is the social image for the page
  • Is Top Level Path?
    • If checked, your page lives at /slug
    • If not checked, your page lives at /page/slug
  • Use as 'Locked Screen'
  • This determines if the page will be used as a landing page for anonymous viewers (landing pages replace the traditional registration screen). This feature only works for private Forems. If your Forem is public, the landing page will not display.
  • Only one page can be used as a locked screen at a time.
  • Locked screens can be overwritten. To use another locked screen when there is already a locked screen in use, click the "Overwrite current locked screen" button in the modal that appears when "Use as 'Locked Screen'" is clicked.

What can you do with pages?#